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  1. Tim Barrus on Peyote

    I try to stay out of 7-11 if I’m high on Peyote. Is peyote legal yet. You see brands and hot dogs. I see shifting colors and stories. All stories are made from the raw materials of shifting color.

  2. Tim Barrus, New York Times

    Tea is best. Mescaline in my world is Moon. In my world, this will not be a world you recognize or know, there are codes, languages, suggestions articulated to obfuscate the normals into demonstrations of a white snow. Button snow is a little darker. If you advocate, you break the

  3. Tim Barrus, New York Times

    We walked together to the abortion place because we were not old enough to drive. Sitting in that chair in the living room while she was upstairs screaming, and then someone slapped her. She knows who she is. I know who she is. No one else knows anything. The dark…

  4. Tim Barrus, New York Times

    No one survives a war, even a culture war, you emerge from it with eyes down shaded as the midnight blues, baby blues, a childhood that did not mean you. Then, what did it mean. It didn’t mean anything in the final analysis, kids are fickle. Act your age. No…

  5. Tim Barrus: Jumping Up and Down In the Sonoran Desert

    How far can you fly. Suddenly, there is no light, and I became aware of honeysuckel that will bask in the sun’s photons bouncing white against the moon where the demons are a witchery, and you are here to cast spells on Komodo Varanidae, so be it, but become aware…

  6. Tim Barrus, New York Times

    Tom is the greatest numbers sleuth alive. He can interprete the data. He does not leave it there. He goes for people who know what they’re talking about. Not to.  https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/22/opinion/trump-conspiracy-theories.html#commentsContainer&permid=118916322:118916322

  7. Tim Barrus: Give Me the Gun I Said Give Me the Gun I said Give It To Me

    There were no costumes. The filming took place in a midnight rest area toilet. Fog. No cops. Just us. Break his arm, and I will grab the gun while he is focused on the break. A compound fracture would be best. The script was born of rage. Autistic and…

  8. Tim Barrus: The Past Is The Past Is The Past

  9. Tim Barrus, New York Times

    After the pit bull attack, no one could sleep. Today, I drive a dirt bike. Becauuse it’s really fast. It takes off like a match. It could be following me. But I can run that bike faster than a pit bull can kill.  

  10. Tim Barrus, Bike at Night

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